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At least 11 million couples in the United States are trying to conceive at any given time. Approximately 20% of these couples will conceive each month.  The average couple will take 5-6 months to conceive. A couple is considered to be “infertile” if they have been trying to conceive for one year and have been unsuccessful. It is no surprise that trying to conceive can be very stressful. The devastation couples face with the diagnosis of infertility can be overwhelming but with the treatments available, a large number of women will have a baby. Of “infertile” couples, at least 70% of those who complete an infertility evaluation will respond to treatment and become pregnant. Those couples who do not seek help from a fertility specialist will have a pregnancy rate without therapy of only about 5-10% a year. The earlier a couple seeks infertility care the more likely they are to conceive. Additionally, the earlier care is received the more likely “less expensive” fertility treatments will be needed. Rocky Mountain Fertility Center [RMFC] understands the importance of building a family and will guide you through this tough phase in your life. The team at RMFC will listen to you and discuss your unique challenges of becoming a parent.

RMFC is a medical practice specializing in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. RMFC provides a full service Fertility Center with an on-site IVF and Andrology lab. Located in Parker, Colorado, RMFC was founded on the philosophy of high success rates, cutting-edge technology, and personalized attention. With a thorough explanation of your best options, rates of success, and costs, RMFC will ensure the finest infertility treatment.

RMFC offers a variety of options in female infertility treatment, all with high success rates. Of the options available Ovulation Induction is most often the first treatment offered. Ovulation Induction uses medications to increase the number of eggs formed. When more eggs are produced each month the odds of conceiving are increased. Sometimes ovulation induction is coupled with insemination to increase the amount of sperm near the eggs. Ovulation induction can occur with Clomiphene Citrate, Letrozole or Human Menopausal Gonadotropins. Success rates with these therapies depend upon the patient’s diagnosis, age and partner’s sperm count.

Another treatment option available at RMFC is surgery. Surgery is often utilized to treat pelvic adhesions, endometriosis, fibroids, polyps, blocked fallopian tubes or the absence of sperm.

In vitro Fertilization [IVF] is another treatment option. IVF is often utilized for couples in there are blocked fallopian tubes, severe endometriosis, severe pelvic adhesions, poor oocytes quality, male infertility, or unexplained infertility. Success from IVF can be as high as 80%.  

For many couples the heartbreaking experience of infertility is the first crisis that they must face together. The realization that there might be a problem having the family they desire, often comes as a shock. Most couples do not realize that infertility is common and that one out of ten couples have difficulties becoming pregnant. Seeking care after 1 year of trying will increase the odds of a successful pregnancy 6-7 fold.

RMFC believes that the experienced team of health care providers at RMFC provides the highest level of care available, in a warm, friendly environment. For more details about the Rocky Mountain Fertility Center visit Rockymountainfertility.

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RMFC believes that the experienced team of health care providers at

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