My Infertility Story: Karmann and Ryan Wennerlind

My Infertility Story: Karmann and Ryan Wennerlind

This is the most inspirational, emotional, incredible video we have seen in a long time. Karmann and Ryan Wennerlind suffered eight miscarriages in seven yea…

The origin of herbal infertility treatment dates back to ancient China, to 200 A.D. In China, infertility of both men and women were successfully treated with various kinds of herbal concoctions. And the result was that, couples longing for a baby were able to conceive soon after the treatment started. When regular medical procedures fail to eliminate infertility, many couples opt for herbal infertility treatment of the kind practiced in ancient China.

Let me list a few herbs which can help in your infertility problems and let you conceive a baby.

Black Cohosh

Used by Native Americans for thousands of years to prevent miscarriage it is known for its hormone balancing effects due to the phyto-estrogen it contains. Phyto-estrogens are substances in plants that resemble the hormone estrogen and are thought to help balance body hormones.

False Unicorn Root (Chamaelireum luteum)

This herb has mild estrogenic properties. It is often used to treat failure of ovulation, painful or irregular periods, pelvic congestion or inflammation including salpingitis, an infection of the fallopian tubes.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil, the short form of which is EPO assists the body in producing fertile cervical fluid, brings about alleviation of pre-menstrual symptoms and also lowers cholesterol.

Women who suffer from PMS are actually lacking in fatty acid – GLA or gamma linolenic acid which is present in EPO. And EPO also aids the body to manufacture egg white cervical mucus which is stretchy, clear, watery and thin and facilitates the sperm in swimming through the uterus and entering the fallopian tube. Then the sperm unites with the egg.

It is during the period from menstruation to ovulation that a woman should take EPO. EPO is perhaps the best herbal infertility treatment and heaps of women love to shower praises on it.


Male fertility, male impotence can be improved with the help of the herb ginseng. Sperm mobility, sperm count, sexual desires are increased through the intake of ginseng and even testosterone levels are raised.

These are only some of the effective herbal infertility treatment that I have described, but there are plenty of others.

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Overcoming Infertility: 12 Couples Share Their Success Stories

Overcoming Infertility: 12 Couples Share Their Success Stories

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