IVF Cycle : How Many IVF Cycles Before Giving Up?

If you are about to undergo, or already undergoing in-vitro fertility treatment, you will no doubt have many questions and concerns. Indeed, many couples wonder how many IVF cycles before giving up is a reasonable number, and the truth is, this is a difficult question to answer.

Of course, it is vital that you do everything within your power to try to make your IVF cycle work, yet it is also important that you consider just what your next step will be if it does not work. This is not being pessimistic-the clinic you choose may well be one of the best-performing clinics and you may follow every piece of advice going, but of course there is still the chance you might not achieve a pregnancy on that occasion. Having some kind of contingency plan in mind can really help you move forward.

Within your back up plan, you may already have considered how many IVF cycles before giving up, that you are prepared to undergo. Indeed, if you haven’t already made this decision, immediately after failure is not the best time, when emotions are high.

A number of clinics make provision for failure. Not because they consider that this will necessarily be the case for you, but simply because even with the best treatment, there will always be a percentage of failures, and you should be prepared. They therefore offer packages of say, at least 3 cycles. Repeating cycles can be a good option if your cycle has been “uneventful”, ie quality embryos, a receptive uterus and a good embryo transfer. If your doctor can identify the cause of failure, changes can be made as necessary and you can move forward towards another cycle with hope.

It can be difficult to decide how many IVF cycles before giving up you are prepared to endure. Sometimes, cost is a major factor and to some extent, the decision is out of your hands. For others, the doctors at the fertility clinics will give guidance as to whether further cycles are worthwhile. You must also be guided by your own feelings on the matter-some couples simply find the whole situation so stressful that they give up after one cycle. However, most are prepared to try again and having between 4 to 7 cycles is not unusual.

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