Top 5 Tips To Being Physically Healthy When Preparing To Have IVF

If you have just  reached the prognosis of In Vitro Fertilization (ivf), you have already been on quite a journey!  To make the most of a cycle of ivf, or series of cycles, you need to take some time to physically prepare.  Over and above the medical things a doctor is going to prescribe.  The better “shape” you get into, the higher the chances of getting a positive outcome.  This way, no matter the outcome, you know you did the best you could; the rest is between science and the Ultimate Creator (whomever that is for you.)

Here are 5 effective tips for physically preparing for ivf treatment:

1. Work on improving muscle strength all the way through your mid-section, including your back. Just why is this important? You will need to be able to control these muscles so as to be able to relax, contract and support you at will, not only throughout the various phases of treatment involved in an ivf cycle. And just what comes about when you follow these suggestions? Strong back muscles will help you adjust to becoming pregnant and carrying that additional bulk; abdominal muscles will make your recovery considerably faster.

2. Improve flexibility through a training system like yoga. This is important because with greater flexibility comes stronger control. The ivf  journey is completely physical; the more flexible you are, the easier it will be to relax, stretch and ease out whatever sensations you are coping with at each step of the way . And as well may be very important because disciplines like yoga work on the mind-body connection – an asset much misunderstood by the US medical community today.

3. Perfect your Falling Asleep Routine. The main reason behind this is you will need your sleep more than ever during an ivf procedure. Your body needs to be well-rested and receptive at all times. . It is also an excellent idea because once you get your ability to fall asleep into a solid routine, you will be able to put yourself into the right frame of mind such that you can catnap anywhere, any time, in addition to consistently sleeping at night for your regular nightly sleep.

4. Consider a Detox.  Usually it’s a few days of drinking some horrendous-but-natural liquid, and they do say we all ought to cleanse our systems of toxins and impurities on a regular basis. If ever there were a time when you want your body in optimal health, this is it. And if you just can’t face the starvation or the (potentially disgusting) liquids? At least up your water intake to something substantial, like 64 fluid ounces a day. Are there any other reasons? Most claim the biggest benefit of a detox is that it will make you “regular”. That’s a good thing, no?

5. Discover which foods work for, and which against, your metabolism such that they slow it down. You want your body to be in balance with all systems functioning optimally. if your metabolism has slowed to a halt because it doesn’t process wheat very well, then this is an easy fix once identified.

Where might you go for this kind of assessment and prognosis? Ayurveda is a traditional Indian practice that looks at which foods fit each body type. Practitioners can be easily found; they’re remarkably main stream these days!  Another way is to examine a diet program like Michael Thurmond’s Six Week Total Body Makeover as it, too, walks through a quiz to identify your specific body type and then recommends which foods will work best for your body’s optimal processing capability.

Should you follow these 5 tips carefully you can rest assured that you have done all you can to  prepare for ivf treatment, physically, in addition to whatever your doctor has recommended. You will then be able to relax and let this modern-day miracle for conception take place. When you ignore these tips, you simply won’t know with any certainty what, if anything, is the root cause of your IVF results.

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