IVF Success stories after multiple failed IVF

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The other day I had some time and wanted to find some interesting stories on amazing outcomes from Chiropractic care. The benefits of the internet these days are that you can find some much amazing content it’s quite incredible.  

This investigation started after a colleague of mine had reminded me about a man in the US who was blind in one eye and after Chiropractic care his vision was restored.  The account of his treatment included a visit to his Chiropractor where his case was discussed and no doubt tests were conducted.  Typically in my clinic, Chirosports Coogee this may include a case history, Xrays and diagnostic tests.  

Apparently the Chiropractor found the client was subluxated in their neck region. This means the joints were particularly tight quite possibly reducing nerve flow in that area of his body. The Chiropractor adjusted these joints by gently adding movement to the tight area.  

As the client himself reported, after the treatment his right eye, the one that had vision started to water. This went on for about 45 minutes and he thought nothing more of it. Then he realised after wiping his eye clean that he could in fact see out of the left eye, the eye in which he was legally blind in.  

Chiropractic care is not a miracle cure, however, what’s interesting to note is that based on the simple premise that an interference in nerve flow can lead to blockages so to speak in messages or energies that need to get through to a specific region. When these blockages are released in the right circumstances and not always but for many people, the restoration of energy flow can provide function where before there was very little or none.

The second story is reminiscent of the history of Chiropractic right back to D D Palmer and the restoration of hearing through Chiropractic. The story is about a client at a Chiropractic clinic in Boulder, USA. The middle-aged woman had suffered from poor hearing since the age of six.  After Chiropractic treatment to align her spine, and a number of treatments at that one day her husband noticed that she had responded to sound. As it happens Chiropractic care had worked to restore 25% of her hearing. She did not go to a Chiropractor in the hope of hearing restoration, she went for help with her back.  But just as nerve flow connections happen part of her treatment in restoring the integrity of nerve flow in her spine ended up helping her hearing problem too.

The other stories I like are about children. The first comes from a colleague of mine in Sydney.  She was treating a toddler who since birth had suffered from constipation and irregular bowel movements.  By age one, the child was having bowel motions once a week and by age two, closer to once every ten days.  She assessed the child and found that she was subluxated in the lower back region and on gentle massage of the child’s abdomen seemed very tight.  On the second treatment she gently adjusted and added movement into the child’s lower back region and asked the parents to monitor the child’s progress. From that day the child started making daily bowel motions and this can continued to date, some months since the initial care.  Before the parents found Chiropractic care for their daughter they had been to a list of medical appointments including such tests as MRI’s and lengthy visits with child feeding specialists.  While all of the treatments and investigations undertaken were essential for the child, there’s something about the simplicity of the solution in this case that brings the happy outcome to light.  Sometimes the solution can be easy, sometimes not.

My second recollection about the recovery of a child is one from a Chiropractor who was looking after a little boy diagnosed with suspected ADHD. The child was apparently hyperactive, unreasonable, distressed and a concern for his parents who were determined not to medicate him despite the challenges. What the Chiropractor found was that the child’s cranial area was very tight and misaligned and may have even been so from birth. The mother recounted to the Chiropractor the distress of the child’s entry to the world including emergency procedures as her child was in distress and required forceps. Such issues are not a diagnosis for ADHD and the Chiropractor was looking for signs of interference in the child’s nervous system and not a diagnosis for ADHD as this is not something Chiropractic training provides for. The child was treated for about 3 weeks before progress was made. What was found was interference in the energy and nerve messages that may have been the result of birth trauma or other circumstances. Today the Chiropractor reports that the child is calm, cooperative, happy and communicative. A far cry from the stress that prompted his parents to seek care from Chiropractic that was in their words a last resort.

Dr Michael Cohen, Chiropractor is the Clinic Director of Chirosports Coogee and a co-founder of the Chirosports group. He graduated in 1990 from the Sydney College of Chiropractic (now known as Macquarie University) and the University of NSW and was awarded the prestigious “Clinician of the Year” award for excellence in clinical studies and application.

Prior to establishing Chirosports, Michael had been Assistant Director at the Centre for Chiropractic where he worked as a Lecturer, Clinical Supervisor and Clinical Competency Examiner for seven years, while also building a practice near Sydney. He also became involved with sporting teams as an injury and peak performance specialist, traveling overseas and interstate in his roles.

Michael studies extensively to ensure he is continually increasing his expertise and knowledge in new techniques. Michael practices Diversified, Activator Method, Thompson Technique, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Myofascial Release, and Cranial Therapy. One of his main career goals is to lead as many people as he can to achieve even better ‘health for life.’

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