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Hermes silk scarf always makes people crazy. Then let us find out what it brings to us in this spring. You will feel its charm from the story of Hermes silk scarf.

Temari Art

These irregular skeins are very expensive and representative because they are all handmade. The traditional temari is a kind of Japanese toy which is related with kimono closely. After kimono wears off, people will make temari by odd materials. It was very popular among noble and royalty. As time passes, the simple technology became embroidery. And the patterns also became more complicated and delicate. Such as triangle, square, diamond, stripe, star and flower. Temari also plays different role in people’s life, for example, child’s toy, amulet or gifts for birthday, wedding and new year. Nowadays, temari jumps on the fashion silk scarf just like a moving galaxy.

Coral Dream

Whether they are amazing plants, vegetables or minerals? Coral was found fro time out of mind, but its real feature was discovered until 18th century. People called it angle’s skin to indicate its rich symbolic meaning.

Unique shape gives coral products noble status in show box, and it also allow the possibility of Baroque style on them. Coral can be made as different products after soaking in acid, such as bead, embossment, lappet and bell. One of coral product is a signification addition to this scarf. There is a nifty monkey on the funny teapot. And the teapot ranks at the end of coral beads. They look alike, but we know nothing about them. Whether it can be considered as a kind of definition of coral dream?

Flower India

We can see the complicated design and incomparable structure by magnifying glass like huge, visional and waving flowers. These vivid and colorful flowers came from India printed cotton in the end of 16th century. Compared with flax, cotton-flax, brocade and satin, it is more popular for unique charm and simple clothes. Everyone loves this kind of elegant art.

Colorful Brocade
This silk scarf is a compliment for women in Tenango de Doria because they pass down their knowledge and craftsmanship from generation to generation. It is a embroidery design for Hermes, which is also modern art in Mexico.

The colorful pictures are printed with special shapes like animal and flowers in the air. Human begins are intermingled with nature here. It becomes cultural and material richness itself and the local people also rely on it.

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