Learn More About The Phases Of The IVF Process

The Phases Of The IVF Process

If you’re experiencing difficulties getting pregnant, IVF may be your one shot at parenthood. This procedure condenses several attempts at trying to conceive into a single, controlled menstrual cycle, thereby increasing your chances of getting pregnant. Thousands of couples around the world are now proud parents thanks to this medical miracle. If you’re thinking of getting IVF done, it’s important to know as much as you can about the procedure. Here is a rough idea of how you can get pregnant with the help of IVF.

 Ovarian stimulation

Normally, the ovaries only release one egg a month, but women with infertility problems will need more than this to get pregnant. To increase the chances of a successful cycle, you will have to stimulate egg production with the help of fertility drugs. Fertility drugs will trigger the maturation of five or more eggs so that more embryos can be created and transferred into your womb. This part of the IVF cycle is called the ovarian stimulation phase. Ovarian stimulation lasts two weeks and involves daily injections of fertility drugs, which you will do yourself. A nurse at the fertility clinic will teach you how to deliver the shots.


This video takes you through the five phases of the IVF process from the point of view of both a couple going through the IVF process and doctors in the lab. The process begins with Follicle Stimulation Hormone injections and leads to phase five: pregnancy.
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During the last week of the ovarian stimulation phase, you will come to the clinic every other day so your doctor can monitor the growth of the follicles. Follicles are the sacs in the ovaries that contain an immature egg. As soon as the follicles are mature enough (which is determined by their size), you will be asked to take the trigger shot. This trigger shot will signal the ovaries to release the eggs. In about 36 hours, you will return to the clinic and have the eggs retrieved.

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Egg retrieval

The egg retrieval is a minor surgical procedure where the mature eggs will be removed from the ovaries. This is what makes IVF such a popular form of assisted reproduction – it bypasses any problems with the fallopian tubes. You will be given anesthesia so that you remain unconscious throughout the egg retrieval. The procedure will not hurt, although you may feel some cramps similar to menstrual cramps afterwards. While the egg retrieval is happening, your partner will be in another room procuring a sperm sample.


The eggs will incubate for several hours before they are combined with the sperm. The fertilization process is quick and will happen once you and your partner are at home. The egg and sperm will be placed together in a plastic dish filled with a special culture medium. The dish will be placed in an incubator so the eggs will transform into embryos undisturbed.

Embryo transfer

In three or five days, you will return to the clinic for the final leg of the procedure – the embryo transfer. This will take only a few minutes. A catheter will be inserted through the vagina and cervix until the mouth is placed at the center of the uterus. The embryos will then be release into the womb where they will hopefully implant and grow into a baby.

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Two week wait

You will be asked to wait two weeks before you can take a pregnancy test. It takes about a week for an embryo to implant itself and for the body to produce the hCG hormone, which is what pregnancy tests detect. Try not to get tempted into taking an early pregnancy test, or you could get inaccurate results. Just relax and try not to stress about the outcome of your cycle.

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The Baby Trap

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  1. C. M. Barrett "Connie Barrett"
    December 23, 2012 at 2:23 am
    8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I Loved This Book, December 13, 2011
    This review is from: The Baby Trap (Kindle Edition)

    When I read the summary of this book, I was very curious to see how the author would pull off stirring humor into a very sensitive subject often steeped in disappointment and pain. It takes a deft hand to strike a good emotional balance, and Sibel Hodge is, I am happy to report, equal to the task.

    Those who have undergone similar attempts to become pregnant can only be comforted by the writing of a woman who has shared and describes the experience with immense sensitivity. Those who have not will gain access to greater understanding.

    I also learned a larger lesson from reading this book. Though the experience of trying unsuccessfully to become pregnant is specific, it’s also a dramatic example of how often our own fears, resistance, and anxiety can keep us from realizing our dreams. This book proved a good reminder, and I thank the author.

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Even for non-baby train people!, May 31, 2012

    This review is from: The Baby Trap (Kindle Edition)

    Since I’m not on the baby train, I wasn’t sure if I would like The Baby Trap by Sibel Hodge. I mean, it’s all about babies, infertility, and all of the tricks and tools of the trade. It all starts when Gina realizes that she actually does want to have children with her husband, Karl. However, after months and months of trying, there is still only one blue line on the pregnancy test. In this hilarious read, we follow Gina as she grows more and more baby-obsessed. She tries everything from the average (holding her legs in the air for 10 minutes post baby-making session) to the extreme (*attempting* to picture a healing white light traveling to her ovaries as part of a mediation technique). It goes without saying, but life changes quite a bit for Karl too!

    I liked this book because it was actually funny. This could totally be a movie and Bridemaids star, Kristen Wig (or even Maya Rudolph), would play the lead. (I know, I know, they’re American and this is set in the UK. I don’t care that I’m Americanizing this hypothetical movie!) It’s that kind of funny. Good funny. You’ll find yourself in hysterics over all of the less-than-polite words, antics, and sometimes just rotten luck that Gina and Karl encounter on their journey to babyville.

    Final word: I’m not even on the baby train — let alone near the station — and I thought this book was hilarious. Think about what this book will do for you if you or a loved one has suffered from infertility. Hodge has a real talent for making light of this serious subject while also making you painfully aware of how torturous this ordeal is for so many couples. (Maybe it’s because these events are based on Hodge’s real life struggle with infertility.) Your heart will break at times, but your tears will mostly be from laughter.

    After reading The Baby Trap, I’m definitely going to put another book by Sibel Hodge on my reading list.

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    Mommy Wanna-Be-Badly, January 20, 2012
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: The Baby Trap (Paperback)

    Gina wakes up one morning after drinking a lot of wine with her husband, Karl, and their friends, has a vision of a baby girl dressed in pink in their backyard and suddenly wants to become a mother! Shocking because up until that point, Gina has never had a maternal twinge!

    “It’s this feeling I can’t explain. This desperate need inside me to have a baby. This urge that has completely turned my brain to single-train thoughts: baby, baby, baby.”

    Welcome to the beginning of best-selling author, Sibel Hodge’s latest novel, THE BABY TRAP, loosely based on her own experience with infertility and attempts to get pregnant at IVF. You can expect to ride an emotional rollercoaster that is one hell of an E-ticket.

    Once 33 year-old Gina and Karl decide to get pregnant, they figure all its going to take is sex, sex and well, some more sex. Gina doesn’t end up pregnant right away so conceiving becomes her OBSESSION, while Karl tries to keep his high-pressure job and provide what is needed from him for conception at precise timely intervals. Gina and Karl are soon off the booze, heavy on doctor visits, green tea, vitamins, a bland diet, no more baths or cycling for Karl and he’s wearing underwear ten sizes too big. A feng-shui expert is even called in, and she finds a new purpose for the most unlikely of objects.

    Soon discussion is baby 24/7: basal body temperature, ovulation predictor kits, hormone levels, surge levels, clomid, Trigger ovulation, scans, stimulation injections, follicles, etc.

    I loved the snappy writing style of THE BABY TRAP. The story frequently had me laughing out loud. In addition to Gina and Karl, several other characters, her Lady Garden and her father and her fertility.com friend, Poppy were a lot of fun!

    It takes two to get pregnant, and between all the drugs messing with mommy-to-be, Gina and daddy-to-be, Karl’s lifestyle changes, it’s a miracle they stayed together. There was a good part of the book when all they did was bicker, but they loved each other and that was their foundation. It’s a Sibel Hodge novel – chick-lit – you know in the end it’s going to be happy!

    Anyone who has dealt with fertility issues will tell you it’s about disappointment and loss, the death of a dream. But there is plenty of living left to be done and that’s what Sibel Hodge does best in THE BABY TRAP. Sibel’s novel is about the future; Gina and Karl’s future together, and it offers hope for other women who have faced the heartache of infertility.

    You can find Sibel on Facebook or at her website.

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