IVF Success : Assisted reproduction: Evolution

Being childless can be a tormenting experience for young couples but as in many cases the reason is infertility. Infertility can have many reasons which and expert fertility doctor can find out. For treating infertility a detailed diagnosis an inference is required.

The process of assisted reproduction evolved from artificial insemination to in vitro fertilization or IVF. And then it was followed by ICSI or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection driven by male infertility.

The proliferation and success of above treatment has given a high success rate of biological father hood to males and motherhood to females. Test tube baby was another phenomenal success story for infertile males and females. Although couple prefer natural conception to assisted one at time there is no other option. Sometimes reason for infertility may be very easily treatable abnormality but whence there is a serious flaw in reproductive mechanism than expert treatment is required.

Male infertility phenomenon reflects wide variety of pathogenic factors. One factor that dominates is sperm production which is either deficient or consists of dead or immobile sperms. The reason could be hormonal imbalance, pituitary disorder, cancer drugs and toxins.

Nearly half of infertility among childless couples is attributed to males. In most cases IVF is successful in achieving fertilization and pregnancy. ICSI is also highly successful in case of serve form of male infertility.  ICSI is resorted to often whence IVF does not succeed. But in many cases infertility can be multifaceted affecting both male and female. The diagnosis and effective treatment depends upon the expertise of fertility specialist at the clinic.

The assisted conception program usually involves taking history of the couple, clinical trails and tests. Basic work up includes semen analysis, tests for anti sperm antibodies and microbiological testing of ejaculate. Variety of sperm function tests are also carried out. Couples overall health is looked into for disease diagnostics to find any major illness or genetic defect.

With the advance in technology and treatment methods solutions and support for assisted pregnancy has increased. There are now numbers of fertility clinics run by experts that treat infertility in childless couples.

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