IVF Success : Can IVF Be Successful With Endometriosis?

If you are asking the question, “can IVF be successful with endometriosis?” then you might be interested to learn about a new alternative therapy which can really help to boost your chances of a successful outcome. The new technique is to be called the “Wurn Technique” and this consists of manual physical therapy which has been shown to help women succeed by as much as 67% when this is done prior to IVF transfer.

The technique has been developed by an American couple and gives the feeling of having a deep massage and was originally developed to help loosen internal scar tissue which can bind the internal organs, which Mrs Wurn developed following cervical cancer. Endometriosis can also act in a similar way, binding tissue and organs and contributing to infertility.

Usually, scar tissue such as this, and endometriosis might be dealt with using surgery, but this can sometimes promote the growth of more scar tissue, thus can be counter-productive.

The deep massage technique can give hope to those wondering “can IVF be successful with endometriosis” with one study showing that out of 71 women who had at least 2 failed IVF attempts behind them, 50 were reported to have subsequently given birth following treatment with the Wurn technique.

In general, IVF for women with endometriosis can be a challenge, but that’s not to say that these difficulties cannot be overcome. By using a range of techniques, such as dietary modifications, lifestyle changes and stress alleviation, your overall chances of success can be significantly improved.

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