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A bad diet can wreak havoc with your fertility and what you consume is so important that it can make the difference between a successful pregnancy or not, whether via the medium of IVF or conventional methods.  If you are about to undergo IVF treatment then you will want to do everything possible to maximize your chances of success and one of the many ways you can do this is by looking carefully at the foods to eat during IVF.

In many respects, it is wrong to only consider your diet during the procedure itself.  It is vital that you take steps beforehand to eat the right kinds of foods to promote fertility and prepare your body to receive the embryo.

Eating a diet for optimal health is a good starting point.  This will mean eating plenty of organic fresh fruits and vegetables, organic dairy produce, wholegrains, lean meats, beans, nuts and seeds and drinking plenty of water.  Of course what you don’t eat is vitally important too.  You should avoid foods which contain additives and preservatives and those which contains saturated and trans-fats.  We can group other bad choices in here such as drinking alcohol, smoking and the use of drugs. (This sometimes includes prescription drugs-you should check with your doctor).

Before we consider the must-have foods to eat during IVF, the principles of a fertility diet are as follows:-

Eat 4-6 moderately sized meals a day
Snacking is fine in moderation and as long as the foods are healthy
Warm foods are better than cold
Drink plenty of filtered water between meals, rather than with meals themselves
Chew food well
Lightly steam or bake vegetables

During IVF, certain foods are thought to help with implantation and these include pineapple, nuts and leafy green vegetables.

Pineapple-The compound Bromelin, found in pineapple is believed by many to increase the chances of success.   Bromelin can dissolve the proteins which may inhibit implantation and many women have attributed their success, at least in part, to eating pineapple.  Take an average sized pineapple and divide it into 5 portions.  Eat a portion a day beginning with embryo transfer day.
Nuts-Certain nuts contain Omega3 fatty acids which are a contributory factor in the manufacture of  prostraglandin which is essential for conception. Although oily fish is a good source, there is some concern about the levels of contaminents in certain fish.  Walnuts are a good alternative source.
Dark Green Leafy Vegetables-Certainly on the list of foods to IVF Success Program, The Full Embrace.

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