IVF Success : Holistic Infertility Cures Boast a 70% Success Rate

The heartbreak and unspoken disappointment that goes hand in hand with infertility is something that most people will never understand. You are hesitant to even share with most people that you and your significant other are having this problem…not so much out of embarrassment but more because there really is nothing positive that someone might be able to say to you.

You are sick of hearing that you should relax and that once you stop trying you’ll get pregnant. You don’t want to hear about adoption or about someone’s cousin who had the same problem. None of this helps or gives you hope. You spend time searching for an answer and every month you hope and pray with everything that you have that you could just get pregnant and have a child of your own. Your pain is only amplified by stories of abuse and neglect against children. You wonder why it is so easy for others to have children that they don’t even want yet you desire nothing more than to love and care for a baby of your own.

As you explore your options you have probably been steered in the direction of fertility clinics and fertility specialist. Yes, these people deal with infertility every day they go to work and they can provide services that have worked for many. They might even be straight with you about your odds of conceiving using various methods that they have developed. The price tag may be steep but you honestly can’t put a price on being a parent and you would give up every last penny you have to be a parent and have a child of your own.

You may have explored other options and read about holistic cures for infertility. Chinese Medicine is even becoming more and more popular even in the medical community. Fertility clinics are beginning to add acupuncture to their list of services to “help” clients who are going through IVF, as a matter of fact.

Did you know that Chinese Medicine and other holistic and natural cures for infertility often work for couples that had no success with IVF and other procedures commonly offered by fertility clinics? You actually might have better success and save yourself a lot of time (and money) by taking a few months and trying some of these methods.

Chinese herbs are statistically proven to cure approximately 70% of the cases of infertility with some studies showing 50% success rates and other studies claiming 90% success rates. Methods will focus upon both you and your significant other and when you address other aspects of your lifestyle such as diet, exercise and stress the success rate is bound to go up. Yes, the biological clock is ticking but you might actually find better success from a natural and holistic cure for your infertility.

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