IVF Success : How To Increase The Success Rate Of IVF By Diet

Undergoing fertility treatment can be very stressful for all concerned, not to mention expensive and time-consuming. It therefore follows that if you are looking at how to increase the success rate of IVF, all steps are worth considering and one area we can look at is our diet.

What we eat has a huge impact on most aspects of our overall health and well-being and one such area is our fertility. When undergoing treatment, being in the best possible health is crucial and helping prepare our bodies by eating the right kinds of foods can really help to increase the chances of a successful outcome.

For hundreds of years, Chinese healers and alternative health practitioners have believed that the foods we eat have a profound effect on our ability to become pregnant and a study undertaken over several years at Harvard University confirmed that by just changing the diet to eating whole foods and complex carbohydrates, that pregnancy rates could be increased considerably.

There are three foods which are believed to have a profound on fertility and which could help increase the success rate of IVF, if eaten as part of an overall dietary modification plan.

1. Pineapple

Pineapple is rich in bromelain, an enzyme which is great for reducing inflammation and breaking up proteins which can inhibit the implantation of the embryo. Indeed, it is recommended that you include the flesh of the pineapple (rather than the core) in your diet beginning on the day of embryo transfer

2. Shitake Mushrooms

These type of mushrooms contain very high levels of an antioxidant known as L-ergothionein which is great at reducing oxidation in the body, which can be damaging and lead to male infertility. This antioxdant can have a very positive effect on sperm quantity and quality

In addition, Shitake mushrooms are very high in selenium, another antioxidant which is essential for women trying to conceive as it can help prevent chromosome damage which can lead to birth defects and miscarriages

3. Molasses

Molasses is very high in calcium, iodine and iron and as such, can help those wanting to know how to increase the success rate of IVF as these nutrients are vital to sustain a pregnancy. It are also an excellent remedy for hormonal irregularities, which can cause obvious problems during IVF. Additionally, molasses is rich in a substance known as PABA and studies have shown that women who have supplemented their diets with PABA have shown increased conception rates.

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