IVF Success : How To Naturally Treat Infertility

Why Natural Infertility Treatments Are best

Naturally treating infertility is so important to women these days. With so many side effects and a terrible success rate with drugs and other infertility treatments, we need to avoid anything whose risks out-weigh the rewards -especially when dealing with reproductive organs.

There are too many tests and research papers that have proven how dangerous IVF and other drugs are – to not naturally treat infertility. Did you know that IVF has been proven to increase the chance of multiples by 67%?

What Testing and Research Has Discovered

Twins and triplets are usually a bad thing. But in this case , when you have more than 1 baby, the chances of other , worse side effects are increased by over 50%! Not to mention the huge increase in Ovarian Cysts and Ovarian cancer as well. These are proven side effects -you can see for yourself here- “New England Journal of Medicine”.

According to the study, 3,837 women who underwent infertility treatment between 1974 and 1985 in Seattle, were analyzed by Mary Anne Rossing, D.V.M., Ph.D., at the University of Washington and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Among all women who had taken the drug Clomid (a drug which induces ovulation there were three times more cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed within the study period compared to women who had not taken drugs during 12 or more monthly cycles.

Naturally Treat Infertility

Thankfully there is a real , proven treatment for infertility. Its called the Pregnancy Miracle, and it was created by Lisa Olsen, a dietary and Chinese medicine expert. And she too has been through years and years of infertility. The actual treatment has had an 80% success rate and has also been proven to help treat other, non-related health issues in many of the women that have used it.

With over 60,000 hours of research and studies, you can not find any other infertility treatment, drug or procedure that has had more effort, more heart and more soul put into it. No other treatment has been created by an actual sufferer of infertility. And there has definitely never been a more successful treatment of any kind.

You can check it out here, or read the rest of the article first:

Thats alot of information, right? Well, there is a whole lot more for you to use -if you are really ready to to use this all natural infertility treatment.

ALL women deserve to have a chance to become pregnant. And its time to put an end to  the heartache of infertility, and going through 1 let down after another .  We promise that this is a proven way to treat infertility and there is real research and testing to back it up.

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