IVF Success : IVF and Infertility Treatment-A New Ray of Hope for Childless Couples

 When IVF treatment clinic is recommended by most of the doctors. IVF pregnancy is achieved after going through a long procedure of fertility treatment in fertility clinic. IVF, also known as ‘Invitro Fertilisation’, is one of the major medical treatments for infertility problems. In this process egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the womb of a woman i.e. Invitro.


In this procedure Ovulatory process is hormonally controlled, and eggs are removed from the women’s ovaries. And these eggs are fertilised with sperm in a liquid medium. The fertilized egg also known as zygote is then transferred to the uterus of the women. All these preparations are the responsibility of a fertility planner.


IVF treatment clinic emphasises on a healthy ovum, sperm that can fertilise and a healthy uterus that can maintain pregnancy for their patients to avoid IVF failure. IVF fertility clinic is a blessing for females who have already gone through their menopause as they can have a donor then the donated egg can be fertilised in a crucible. And after successful fertilisation the zygote will be transferred into the uterus from where it will develop into an embryo. These advances have enlightened a hope for those who could not get success with any natural fertility treatment.


The process of IVF and fertility involves different stages which are –

(1) Ovarian stimulation,

(2) Egg retrieval,

(3) Fertilisation,

(4) Selection, and

(5) Embryo transfer.


After these, pregnancy test is done to ensure whether the patient has conceived or not. Generally the treatment starts on the third day of menstruation. Medication is given to the patient to stimulate the development of multiple follicles of the ovaries.


Success rates in pregnancy through IVF support acupuncture infertility are substantially better today with 35% successful pregnancy. However, it has been seen that the experience of IVF support and IVF treatment clinic generally results into stress that leads to depression among the patients. These days it is suggested to consult a good fertility planner who offers acupuncture for fertility as a part of their IVF protocol for distressing their patients. IVF Acupuncture improves the success rate of IVF.


Four mechanisms of Acupuncture Sydney have been suggested to improve IVF-


1. Neuroendocrinological modulations,


2. Increased blood flow to uterus and ovaries,


3. Modulation in Cytokines,


4. Reduction of stress, anxiety and depression.


IVF Acupuncture infertility provides ladies the energy, which they lose during embryo transfer procedures and boost the flow of blood to vital organs during pregnancy. So when natural fertility management fails then acupressure fertility is a major treatment procedure and this treatment is widely available all over the world.

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