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IVF Benefits In India


In the United States, more than 170,000 assisted reproductive technology (ART) babies have been born since 1985. American Society for Reproductive Medicine reports an IVF success rate of 29.4% per egg retrieval, and a delivery rate of about 30%. Success rates vary among clinics and by the patient’s age. The success rates of our IVF Specialists in India vary from 32 % to 45% based on age. They increase with the number of cycles attempted, but level off or decrease after four cycles….

Side effects

Gonadotripin stimulation : – Gonadotropin stimulation is designed to recruit multiple follicles and eggs. These drugs can cause side effects such as mood swings and headaches. They can also cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)…

Egg retrieval : – Moderate discomfort, bleeding or infection may occur after ultrasound guided or laporascopic retrieval. Organs near the ovaries, such as the bladder or bowel, are rarely damaged during surgery…

Embryo transfer : – The transfer of embryos to the uterus can cause mild cramping. It is also possible that embryos move into the tube and implant there, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy…


According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), when pregnancy is achieved through IVF : –

The rate of miscarriage is about 32%, similar to that of the general population.

The risk of ectopic pregnancy is about 5%, four times greater than in the general population.

The chances of carrying twins is about 25%, and 5% for triplets or more, increasing the risk of complications related to multiple pregnancies, such as miscarriage, premature labor or gestational diabetes.

Some studies have suggested there is an increased risk of ovarian cancer in women who use certain fertility drugs. However, those studies are controversial and further research is needed. It has been suggested that this population of women may have a greater underlying risk for developing cancers for the same reasons that they are infertile. This is not to say that infertility causes cancer; it does not. Moreover, research shows that pregnancy itself reduces the lifetime risk of ovarian cancer….

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