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In Vitro Fertilization is often a last option for most people. I have an understanding of this out of personal experience because my own first baby was a product of the IVF treatment. As a result, I am more than capable to write on this matter, from a patient viewpoint naturally, and tell you of my own experience as well as share with you the findings of my own research.

The goal of this short article is to demonstrate to you the costs associated with IVF and also offer you a brief overview of what precisely the IVF process will require in terms of medications, success rates, timeframes and so on. I will let you in on a few tips on how to save big money on the price of IVF. Last but not least, I will tell you about an amazing new all-natural treatment which I found which to date has an unbelievable one hundred percent success rate.

It is important to briefly go over the IVF procedure before discussing the costs because there are one or two key concepts that you need to understand in terms of how IVF is priced. Here is the complete IVF procedure described as simply as possible. In the beginning you will be required to monitor your menstrual cycle to be able to track when you are ovulating. You’ll then be required to inject hormones directly into your body everyday for two to three weeks prior to ovulation in order to supercharge your egg production. Typically, you would only produce one or sometimes two eggs per cycle. However, this would not be sufficient for the purposes associated with IVF due to the fact it really is a numbers game and if you run out of eggs you would need to repeat the full hormone treatment. Believe me, this is VERY undesirable! When you’re ovulating the eggs are removed and stored in the lab. The man comes in (no pun intended) and does his bit and then the specialist performs the magic and produces hopefully as many embryos as possible and sets them on ice. There will be a bit of variance within this procedure but essentially, and especially pertaining to the objective of this write-up, this particular outline is adequate.

Quite frequently the actual prices quoted for IVF are usually presented as per cycle. What this essentially implies is that once you finish one course of hormone treatment, you don’t have to pay all over again if you possess a sufficient number of embryos on hand for implantation. The bulk of the cost of IVF per cycle can vary from $12,000 per course within the United states down to a couple of thousand dollars in China and India. Things for you to take into consideration here are traveling costs and probable stress levels. It is often best to be at home because you’re much more likely to be at ease, which in turn can have a positive influence on your success rate.

To be completely truthful with you, IVF success rates are not good. While I can tell you that we did fall pregnant during our very first cycle, this isn’t the case for the majority of couples. The older you are, the less likely it is that you will get pregnant. For females under thirty-five the average rate of success is just below thirty percent. This moves straight down from there to just under one percent for females more than forty-four years of age. These are grim statistics. Basically, what this suggests is that more than two thirds of you will probably not be successful and in the instance where you don’t have any more embryos you’ll be required to endure the cost and anxiety of yet another hormone treatment cycle.

Do you own health insurance cover? In the event that you do be sure to examine your policy carefully as you might be eligible to claim a certain amount of, or perhaps sometimes the entire, cost of your IVF. I personally am aware that BUPA includes IVF in several of their healthcare insurance plans because we claimed the total cost when we went through the IVF procedure.

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