IVF Success : IVF Doctors and Their Types

A combination of IVF doctors are required to be present at any fertility clinic for the treatment to be successful. There are several areas which require specific expertise and without the presence of even one the assessment will be fruitless. IVF doctors are specially equipped to handle fertility related issues. The range is as diverse as there being a gynaecologist and a psychological counselor. The other departments which need doctors are urology, embryology, genetics and surgery to name a few.

A Reproductive Endocrinologist who is board approved M.D. and has completed a fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology is a type of IVF doctor. This person should also have supervised a minimum of twenty follicular recruitment cycles in a year. A Reproductive Surgeon is also an IVF treatment requires a combination of IVF doctors. There is no one doctor who can specialize in IVF treatment. This means that if there is any clinic boasting of a single doctor then there is something fishy. Moreover, couples who decide to undergo treatment must thoroughly confirm the credentials of the IVF doctors present at a clinic of their choice.

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