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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in India

IVF was the first procedure used to fertilize eggs outside a woman’s body. In 1978, the first “test tube baby,” was conceived through IVF. Most assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are derived from the IVF procedure.


In an In Vitro Fertilization( IVF) Procedure, the doctor:

Prescribes hormonal medications to stimulate the ovaries.
Gathers the eggs.
Fertilizes the eggs in vitro (outside the body).
Transfers the resulting embryos through the cervix into the uteru..



VF (In Vitro Fertilization) Process

IVF was originally developed to treat infertility caused by blocked or damaged fallopian tubes. However, it is currently used to treat a variety of infertility problems. In 1993 alone, over 31,900 IVF cycles were initiated in the United States and Canada. This led to the successful delivery of 5,103 babies. IVF success rates have improved since its introduction many years ago. The success rates compare favorably to natural pregnancy rates in any given month when the woman is under 40 years of age and there are no sperm problems. IVF involves collecting eggs and sperm from a couple and placing them together in a laboratory dish to fertilize outside the body, or in vitro. The fertilized eggs are then transferred several days later into the woman’s uterus, or womb, where implantation and embryo development will hopefully occur just as in a normal pregnancy.


IVF : Benefits vs. Limitations

One of the major benefits of IVF is the ability to know before transfer takes place if the male’s sperm has actually fertilized the eggs. If fertilization fails to take place (as may happen in some cases of male infertility), changes can be made in the semen processing or fertilization conditions during a future attempt to create an embryo.

Another benefit of IVF is embryo transfer to the uterus. Because fertilized eggs are placed directly in the uterus, the woman doesn’t need to have functioning fallopian tubes.

It has been shown that women under 40 years of age undergoing IVF have a substantially higher success rate than women over age 40. Therefore, one of the limitations of IVF is a low success rate in women over age 40. This is believed to be due to the quality of oocytes in older women..



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