IVF Success : IVF Procedure – Be Aware, Take Right Decision!

You always wanted a small cute little kid playing around the house, but at one stage you came to know you or your spouse is infertile. Well, you need not lose hope completely. There is IVF or test tube baby procedure you can follow and have you dreams of having a baby fulfilled. These days due to increased level of stress, often women fail to conceive. There are various other reasons behind infertility. IVF comes to the rescue in such circumstances.

You should remember however that IVF should not be done unless you have tried all the possible ways to conceive. And one should also remember that the time taken to try to conceive should be more than a year. If then after trying all possible methods for a year you are unable to conceive a child naturally then you can opt for IVF. One needs to know a few basic things about IVF, for example the procedure and the possible consequences. Since we all know that IVF is merely the uniting of egg and sperm in vitro (in the lab). Consequently the embryos are transmitted into the uterus through the cervix and pregnancy takes place. There is the possibility of multiple births in an IVF treatment.

Below is the IVF procedure is the transfer of the embryo. If the embryos develop naturally, the embryologist chooses the best ones to transfer into the woman’s uterus. Depending from person to person, the doctor and the patient settle on the amount of embryos to transfer. A small sized catheter is passed through the opening (cervix) directly into the uterus to slide embryo into it. Then the embryo is left to develop into the uterus. The doctor might suggest some hormonal therapy to increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

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