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More and more people are curious and even concern about IVF success rates, primarily because of the high costs of this type of fertilization treatment. Good thing, there are higher chances of conceiving and gaining successful results especially for younger women and patients who prefer to use donor eggs.

There are various sources from which you could get the ratings of success for in vitro fertilization treatments. The Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology also known as SART is a good venue to look up success rates and effectiveness of IVF. There are individual clinics in the sites that have their own data of success rates.

There are various factors that affect the IVF success rates specifically the maternal age of the woman since the older the woman, the lower the chances of getting pregnant. This is quite applicable for older women who also choose their own eggs. IVF treatments using non-donor eggs in 2007 show that 39.6% of women aged 35 and younger have successful live births.

On the other hand women aging 35 to 37 years old have 30.5% chances of success while only 20.9% of live birth is recorded in women aged 38 to 40 years old. The success rates then rapidly decrease when the woman hits the age of 41 and older with the lowest recorded success rating of only 1%. Due to this record, women older than 40 opt to use donor eggs for their in vitro fertilization treatments to ensure IVF success rates.

Most women are wondering whether IVF treatment is the right fertilization assisted treatment for them. In order to double your chances of success, there are salient factors you must basically consider with the age of the woman topping the list. Unless you use donor eggs, it is quite unlikely that you would have a successful conception at all.

IVF success rates is likewise dependent on other pressing factors such as the primary reason for the infertility. Whether or not you utilize a donor egg or sperm for the fertilization process also plays a vital role in the entire treatment. Most of all, make sure that clinic or lab doing the treatment is reputed for their high success rates.

Nevertheless, you could do your own share on how you could boost your chances of success despite factors beyond your control. Cleansing your body to boost your reproductive health and taking fertility supplements, diets and alternative techniques are good ways to successfully conceive.

Basing on the IVF success rates that specifically provide the data and information on your chances of realizing pregnancy and conception, do you best to make it happen. You also has a crucial part to play to guarantee the success of your fertility treatment after all.

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