IVF Success : IVF Success Stories Keep Patients Striving for Pregnancy

For couples on the fence about in vitro fertilization, hearing others’ IVF success stories often helps them make a final decision. Looking at numbers or rates of success may not be too appealing for some couples. The average success rate for in vitro fertilization hovers around 40 to 47% and older women tend to have lower rates of success than younger women. Hearing positive stories from couples who have had success with the procedure is a good motivator and a good way to stay positive through the procedure.

IVF success stories do not always involve a first try success. In fact, many couples go through several procedures before they are successful. There are several message boards and chat rooms dedicated to infertility topics such as in vitro fertilization. Couples interested in the procedure, in addition to speaking with a fertility doctor, should also be sure to speak with couples who have gone through the procedure themselves. This personal approach to learning about the treatment is a great way to learn something that numbers and success rates do not teach.

While it takes a lot of couples several tries before they are able to successfully conceive, others find success on the first try. Couples interested in the procedure are encouraged to also listen to these IVF success stories. Some believe that emotional health is important in the success of some procedures. Some also believe that those who are in a good place regarding fertility treatment will be more likely to be successful, if not on the first try then on a later attempt.

As always, the best resource for any medical information or information about fertility is a qualified doctor. Fertility doctors are likely to have seen success and failure with in vitro fertilization and should be open and honest with their patients regarding their chances of success.

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