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As a couple enters a fertility clinic for their first appointment with a fertility specialist there are mixed emotions – hope, anxiety, guilt, excitement – and many questions from Why aren’t we able to conceive naturally to what is our chance of ivf success and offer us hope, tell us ivf success stories.

When we are ready to start a family we expect it to happen quickly. For the one in six Australian couples that will need some form of assisted reproductive technology to help them to conceive, IVF success stories offer encouragement and inspiration.

We are best suited physically to having babies in our twenties but the reality is today we meet our soul mate, and want relationship and financial security before we try for a baby and by then we are already in our mid 30s when our reproductive clock is ticking slower. Our chance of ivf success rates by age, becomes critical.

Generally speaking a woman in her mid 30s can expect about a 45% chance of pregnancy following IVF treatment (or an IVF cycle as it is called). This chance will be influenced by both partners age; both partners general and reproductive health and the doctor/ clinic where you seek help.

The increase in 1st time ivf success stories is directly related to the clinic’s medical and scientific procedures. Today fertility clinics routinely transfer blastocyst (five day old embryos) which has seen a dramatic increase in IVF success. A fresh blastocyst embryo transfer produces a higher number of first time IVF success stories.

It is a fact IVF success rates are better than natural conception but no one plans to start their family using IVF. Although there are heartwarming first time IVF success stories and accounts of women who conceived their first child naturally and then have secondary infertility and against the odds, end up shouting their over 40 ivf success story, IVF is not the answer for everyone.

It is tough emotionally after many years of consciously protecting against conception to find yourself not conceiving as quickly as you want.

Causes of infertility are many and varied for both men and women, and may involve issues with the production of sperm and eggs; structure or function of the reproductive system; and hormonal and immune disorders.  Some of the common reproductive issues affecting women include polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis and miscarriage. Thankfully it is common to hear PCOS IVF success stories and endometriosis success stories.

To maximise your fertility treatment, keep in good health by reducing your alcohol and caffeine intake, exercising regularly, and maintain a healthy weight – these are some of the keys to achieve your own ivf success story in 2011.

Most infertility can be treated quickly and successfully. Don’t wait more than six months if you are over 35 or 12 months if you’re under 35 to seek help to conceive – be the next IVF success story in 2011.

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