IVF Success : Ivf Treatment For Seychelles, Victoria Resident In Seychelles By We Care

What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization technically means ‘fertilization outside of the body’. While considered an experimental procedure for years, IVF has been a proven way for many couples to build their family.

In Vitro Fertilization is a complex process that was developed in 1978. Louise Brown, the world’s first ‘test tube baby’, was born in England 30 years ago. Now, the procedure is a common treatment for infertility, and has helped numerous couples create the families they so desire.

Treatment options include:

* In vitro fertilization (IVF)
* Embryo cryopreservation
* Assisted hatching
* Blastocyst transfer
* Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
* Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
* Egg Donation
* Fertilization / intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
* Embryo transfer
* Semen cryopreservation
* Donor oocytes
* Donor sperm
* Surrogacy
* Surrogacy for single parent

What are IVF Centres ?

Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) or IVF as a popular term for fertility treatments is a technique mastered by the super specialist arm of Gynaecology who select to master in such a technique.

Though giving IVF treatment does not require having a set up as having a large multi specialty hospital, it does require few of very specialized equipments and basic infrastructure which can be provided in an IVF centre.

IVF Treatments ?

There are a few IVF doctors and IVF centres in USA available to the local patients. We cannot comment on the success rates of the centres. However as per the information given to We Care by the patients from USA is that on one hand the good centres are charges very high cost which may not be affordable for IVF treatment to many and on the other hand there are a few centres in USA who charge less or are cheap but the success rates of these centres are lower or the patients from USA do not select them on the basis of integrity.

How successful is in vitro fertilization?

Birth GraphThe success rate of IVF centres depends on a number of factors including patient characteristics and treatment approaches. It is also important to realize that pregnancy rates do not equate to live birth rates. In the We Care partner centres in India, the live birth rate for each IVF cycle started is approximately:

* 40 to 45% for women under age 35
* 30% for women ages 35 to 38
* 15 to 20% for women ages 38 to 39
* 10 to 15% for women ages over 40

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We Care Core Values

“We have a very simple business model that keeps you as the centre.”

Having the industry’s most elaborate and exclusive Patient Care and Clinical Coordination teams stationed at each partner hospital, we provide you the smoothest and seamless care ever imagined. With a ratio of one Patient Care Manager to five patients our patient care standards are unmatched across the sub continent.

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