IVF Success : Mini IVF – Could It Work For You?

Mini IVF, also known as Minimal IVF, is a procedure which allows for costs savings on traditional IVF procedures, often at around half the cost and with a much lowered intake of fertility drugs. However, for certain groups of people, the success rates are comparable to those for traditional IVF.

Although a number of doctors believe that Mini IVF could be the way forward, finding a doctor who offers the procedure can be difficult and some believe that this is because the industry is very profit-driven. The lower cost option means lower profits than the now traditional IVF.

In terms of the retrieval of the egg, insemination, culture, embryo transfer and supplement of progesterone, this varies little from conventional IVF. The difference is that Mini IVF does not include the use of injectable gonadotrophins or the shot to bring about multiple ovulation. This means that a woman will rarely release more than two eggs, but if you are younger than 35, then your chances of a successful outcome are still fairly high. It also means that there is not the moral and ethical dilemma of preserving the extra embryos. The fertility drug taken by women would be Clomid, which is not particularly costly and has minimal side effects.

Easing off on the use of fertility drugs generally leads to better quality eggs and it is therefore ideal for women who do not respond well to injectable drugs. In addition, the cost for Minimal IVF is significantly lower and is therefore worthy of consideration if cost is a factor when considering whether or not to go ahead.

If you would like further comprehensive information on how you can significantly increase your chances of success using mini IVF, you might like to consider taking a look at the program, The Full Embrace.

This program will help dramatically improve your chances of becoming pregnant with just one cycle, using techniques which are scientifically proven to work. The system includes comprehensive information about Minimal IVF.

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