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The following testimonials are from patients whose lives have been touched . These patients generously allowed us to borrow their words and pictures because they believed that sharing their experiences might help others who suffer from Ménière’s Disease. We hope you enjoy reading their stories and find them as inspiring as we did.

The Patient Testimonials you are about to see are real patients with  Surrogacy Treatment relating their actual experiences with the disease and the  device. These  Mr. E H s’ stories may or may not be representative of the total population using the Meniett device as results vary from patient to patient. Most  Surrogacy Treatment patients receive varying degrees of relief from their symptoms; however, there are some patients who have reported receiving no relief. Please see your health care provider to determine if the Meniett device is right for you.

What is Egg Donation ?

In egg donation, eggs are borrowed from a young woman (less than 33 yrs of age) called the donor, with her consent. These eggs are then fertilized with the sperms of the husband of the recipient woman and the resultant embryo (the earliest form of the baby), is inserted into the womb of the recipient. The success rate of this procedure is in the region of 30 to 40%. In fact, many women till the age of 50-55 have become pregnant by this technique. You will be surprised that the oldest woman pregnant by this procedure is 69 year old, residing in Italy. At Babies And Us, the oldest women who has conceived with this technique is 62 years of age. This is probably the oldest woman to have become pregnant, in India.

Who can qualify for Egg Donation ?

In this day and age more and more career oriented women are getting married late in life. By the time they start planning to have children, they are nearing the fourth decade of their life (40 years). Fortunately, at this age, many women can conceive naturally. However nearly 10 to 15% women fail to conceive within a year’s time. These women who are more than 37-40 years of age then resort to treatment of infertility by their gynecologist. If they still do not become pregnant they take help of newer technologies like IVF – In Vitro Fertilization (test-tube baby) or ICSI – Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection.

Women after the age of 40 tend to have fewer eggs in their ovaries or the quality of the eggs they produce may be poor. Thus, even new technologies like IVF and ICSI may not ensure a successful pregnancy. Furthermore, after the age of 40 to 42, many women stop producing eggs as they enter the stage of Perimenopause (decreased periods) or menopause (stoppage of periods). Till now, such women could only have a baby through the wonderful route of adoption. However, in the last ten years, a new technique of egg donation has come as a blessing to many such women.
In India, preference is given to younger couples to adopt children. Couples over the age of 45 can adopt, but find it difficult to do so, because of Governmental preference for younger parents. Such couples can tremendously benefit by egg donation.

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