IVF Success : Natural Sperm Magnets and ICSI IVF

Antonio: We were just wondering if it is good to just leave a few things to chance?

Geneticist: We want to give your child the best possible start. Believe me, we have enough imperfection built in already. Your child doesn’t need any more additional burdens. Keep in mind, this child is still you. Simply, the best, of you. You could conceive naturally a thousand times and never get such a result. –Gattaca (1997)

In the film Gattaca, the above exchange takes place between a soon-to-be father and a scientist while they are discussing genetic selection for the couple’s child. While the movie was a science fiction story about genetic engineering in the future, it raises some timely questions that are more science than fiction.

The emergence of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) has helped hundreds of people become parents by using cutting edge science to assist the natural reproductive process. These techniques have also introduced the possibility of selective reproduction – that is, parents making decisions about their children before conception even happens. While we have not started creating customized babies in the spirit of Gattaca, some technological breakthroughs have changed what we can control about our offspring, raising some tough questions in the process.

Kocaeli, Turkey‘s world-class Anadolu Medical Center has emerged as a worldwide leader in ART-based therapies. In particular, they have gained a reputation as one of the leading hospitals for

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