IVF Success : New Test Improves IVF Success Rate

UK-based researchers discovered a new screening technique to test embryos for chromosomal abnormalities, the most common type of early pregnancy loss.

The test, which enables doctors to detect abnormalities in the embryos before they are reimplanted into the womb, is expected to double or even triple current

“In other words, each embryo is much more efficient at implanting and maintaining that pregnancy.”

Success by IVF currently depends on a woman’s age. “So at the moment a woman of 40 who had a 10% chance of pregnancy will probably be as high as 30% so that’s trebling that pregnancy rate.”

Three women in Britain are due to give birth using the new screening technique late next month.

Dr. Fishel is tremendously confident about the positive effects of the new testing technique and the further results of pregnancy in the upcoming six to 12 months.

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