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Finding answers to common questions regarding in vitro fertilization (IVF) is best done by speaking with a medical professional at a reputable clinic in the area. However, going into any consultation with a little knowledge never hurt anybody, so patients are encouraged to do their homework as well. In many cases, a more educated patient is a more successful patient.

That said, any answers acquired elsewhere should be confirmed by, and any further questions should be directed to, a fertility doctor. One of the most common questions presented to fertility doctors is:

What is the success rate of IVF?
There are actually several variables that go into determining the actual IVF success rate for each individual couple, so throwing out a uniform rate of success may be misleading. Some reports give the rate of success as 10 to 20%, while others list it as higher. The age of the woman, semen quality of the man and the number of embryos used in the procedure should be taken into consideration when answering this question.

Another common IVF question is, “How much does it cost?”
Again, the answer varies depending on several factors such as which clinic you go to and whether the couple is using frozen embryos from a previous session. The average cost of one session of IVF runs around $12,000, but may be as high as $15,000. Rarely does it dip below $10,000. When couples use frozen embryos from a previous session, it may reduce the cost significantly.

Do I have to take fertility drugs?

This is another common question. Many doctors will recommend that women take fertility drugs to stimulate egg production, but some women choose not to go this route. Women should discuss the matter with a medical professional.

Answers to other IVF questions may be obtained through a fertility doctor. Patients are encouraged to discuss the topics mentioned above with a doctor as well.

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