IVF Success : Pregnancy Possibilities After Tubal Ligation

When a woman makes the decision to have a tubal ligation to prevent any future pregnancies, it typically is not an easy decision to make. Making that final determination about how large a family will be can be very difficult for many women who aren’t sure whether or not they are making the right choice. Because this happens sometimes, many women start wondering about whether pregnancy is possible after tubal ligation. The answer is a resounding yes!


You might be very surprised to know that there are actually two options for women who would like to get pregnant after having their tubes tied. The first, and probably most well known, procedure is called in vitro fertilization. Commonly called IVF, this procedure is quite expensive. It can cost upwards of $10,000 per cycle attempted. Because each cycle only has about a 35% chance of success, women can find themselves spending an exorbitant amount of money without any promises of a pregnancy.


The reason why so many women pursue IVF is because their doctors mistakenly inform them that it is their only option to get pregnant after tubal ligation. In fact, there is a much easier and less expensive procedure that gives a permanent benefit. This procedure is called a tubal ligation reversal, and it is typically done on an outpatient basis in less than an hour.


The surgery is very simple in that it reattaches the fallopian tubes. Of course, the doctor will have to be an expert in the procedure in order to give it the best chances of success. In addition, the physician needs to thoroughly evaluate the patient to see if she is a good candidate for the procedure. When done properly on the right kind of patient, the surgery has about a 70% chance of success.


For those women who are wondering if pregnancy is possible after tubal ligation, there is a lot of hope to be had. After finding a suitable surgeon to handle the procedure, a woman should have high hopes for a future pregnancy.


For those women wondering about Tubal Reversal Surgery.

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