IVF Success : Second IVF Success Rates – How To Improve Your Chances Second-Time Around

Of course, when you undergo IVF, you are not setting yourself up for failure. Indeed, optimism and positivity is vital, but having some kind of back up plan is not pessimistic, but simply an acknowledgment that even the best clinic in the world does not enjoy success rates of 100%!

Second IVF success rates are largely the same as those for the first cycle. I say “largely” because there are some variations within the figures and this depends on the reasons why the first cycle did not work.

Some clinics will offer packages of 3 cycles and it can be a good idea to take advantage of this when planning your IVF. This can give you a focal point if your procedure fails and although nothing can prepare you for the disappointment, having a future focus can help.

After a failed procedure, doctors will normally analyse why it did not work. This can be for a number of reasons. If you had a textbook cycle, with high quality embryos, a receptive uterus and a normal embryo transfer, then there is no reason why IVF will not work. In these instances, second IVF success rates can be very good. In situations where a problem or issue has been identified, medications or your protocol can be tweaked accordingly and this can make all the difference, increasing your chances of a successful outcome second time around.

In terms of what you can do yourself to improve second IVF success rates, you should try to ensure that you remain as stress-free as possible, making opportunities to relax. Choose what you eat carefully too, ensuring that you eat a well balanced, largely organic diet, free from caffeine, prescription and non-prescription drugs (where appropriate) and foods containing trans-fats.

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