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In the IVF treatement, the level of response of the ovaries varies greatly when women take the injectable FSH drugs for ovarian stimulation . This leads to a range of eggs being retrieved at the egg retrieval procedure. Before we have stimulated the woman with the FSH containing drugs, antral follicle counts are the best predictor of the response that the ovaries will give, and the number of eggs that will be retrieved.

The main factors affecting IVF outcome include the following:

* Age of the woman ( and consequently, her ovarian reserve )
* Normalcy of the uterus, and semen quality
* Success or failure of fertilization and cleavage in vitro
* Number of embryos transferred and cryopreserved
* Adequacy of the luteal phase after transfer
* Individual Body response and lifestyle.
* Women that respond well to the drugs sometimes will also have better egg quality as well – which will be more likely to develop into quality embryos and better results.

What we ahve seen that Ratio of Success is as under mentioed graph wise.

Delhi IVF : Our goal is to help couples achieve their dreams of having children. We do not exclude couples due to the presence of factors that may negatively impact their success rates. In fact we take that as challenge and some time couple also doubt on us for failure. But that is part of our profession. We are happy for them and if they conceive and have a child, nothing is better then that. Some time female come at very high age like 37+where we have low body responce and They do not have normal range of FSH and many other factors.

Some time couple come after First Failure from some where else and so out first IVF is treated as Second. In most of these cased we have very good results.

As the value of all test are crucial for treatment planing, so some time couple also get test doen at various labs where results of test varies.So DELHI IVF suggest the best LABS in Delhi for the same and also offer In house facility for these tests.

So there is not a single factor that effect the Success rate. One should get the treatment done at one place only rather go various places for every IVF attempt. At Delhi IVF, Dr. Anoop Gupta has a very good success rate of 40-50% if you choose to have Multiple IVF/IVF ICSI cycle. In fact we also offer Egg donations and Surrogacy Treatment also, if one really opt for the same, then Success rate is much higher.

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