IVF Success : The IVF Success Rate May Be Different with Couples

Fertility treatments may come with varying rates of success. Speaking to a fertility doctor is the best way to understand one’s own potential rate of success. However, understanding a general IVF success rate in past cases similar to one’s own may be helpful. It is important to understand, however, that several factors may be considered when determining one’s own possible success with this treatment. Speaking to a fertility specialist is the best way to obtain more information about in vitro fertilization.

In most cases, younger women have a greater chance of success than do older women. Younger women also have a greater chance of conceiving than do older women, but this varies depending on other factors as well. Some studies indicate the IVF success rate to be 10 to 20%, but in many cases it is less.

In vitro fertilization is the most widely known fertility treatment in the industry. IVF is one of several assisted reproductive technologies that may be used by fertility specialists in helping infertile couples or couples who have trouble conceiving.

To help the woman produce several mature eggs, she may be given drugs to stimulate the ovary. The procedure begins by extracting eggs from the woman and combining them with sperm from the man. The combination is done in a glass dish in a laboratory, which is how the procedure gets its name. ‘In vitro’ in Latin means ‘in glass.’

The dish combining the sperm and the eggs are placed in an incubator for fertilization to occur. After roughly 48 hours, the embryos are then transferred to the woman’s uterus where she will carry the child to term. Only two or three embryos may be used to help prevent multiple births. The rest of the embryos may be frozen for future use. Couples who are interested in learning more about the procedure or the IVF success rate should speak to a fertility doctor at a clinic in their area for further information.

About 10 to 25% of women who undergo successful treatment will have twins. Couples interested in twins or couples who want to avoid multiple births should speak to their fertility doctor for more information about this possibility.

Despite its place as the most commonly known assisted reproductive technology and despite the fanfare surrounding the procedure, the IVF success rate may not be what some couples were expecting. However, in some cases, IVF represents a couple’s best option for having children.

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