IVF Success : Why Choose India For Ivf Treatment?

Why choose India for IVF Treatment?

DELHI IVF is Delhi’s oldest Infertility center, More than 300 patients treated have been treated by Delhi IVF. Dr. Anoop Gupta of Delhi IVF has reached on many mile stones for Infertility treatment. He comments “Every person has right to have a child” and he will be happy to provide all available treatment and help to parents to make it happen.

Few facts about us:
# 1st test tube baby in 1994.
# First IVF-ICSI baby in 1998.
# 250 Surrogacy procedures till 2008
# First blastocyst baby in Delhi 1999.
# 4000 ART babies till Jan.2009
# 500 Pregnancies in post Menopausal females delivered till Jan 2009.
# 600 egg donation till 2009.

The cost of the IVF treatment is comparatively low in India as compared to USA and UK. As law also are very good and give some relaxation to patients to opt for India for treatment.

As IVF is a growing problem world wide and in India also its considerably increasing. In India the infertility cases will increase to double in size in next few year and that wll raise a infertility crises. Although the cost if Infertility treatment is low in India but still out of reach for poor people of India. And due to this more and more IVF center are now coming up. AS Delhi is center of India, its the most preferred location for treatment. www.delhi-ivf.com

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