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There is countless information out there on the Internet about IVF, the cost of IVF and alternatives of IVF. Above all, when we look into the information about the cost of IVF, we notice a lot of differences in numbers. It is quite challenging to determine what the cost of IVF will be in your case. In this article we will make available for you information about the average cost of a successful IVF per country.

In the section above we states “successful IVF”. The motive for this is because there is a significant difference between the cost of one IVF cycle and the price of a successful IVF therapy. Taking into account the success ratio of IVF, a beneficial IVF treatment in general includes more than 1 IVF cycle. This will clearly point to higher costs.

There are numerous reasons that influence the success ratio and consequently the cost of IVF. But the most significant cause that affects the success rate is the age of the female. A woman under 35 years old has on average a success ratio for IVF of 29,6%. The older the woman is, the lower the success rate for IVF will be and the higher the price of a profitable IVF therapy on average will be. By the age of 44 and over, the success ratio for IVF declines down to 0,8%.

In order to put side by side the cost of IVF in different countries around the world, we should classify what we believe it is part of the standard cost of IVF. For this synopsis we take the following aspects of the cost of IVF in account. To start with: the first consultation, which in some situations can be 6% of the total costs of IVF.

The second characteristic is the IVF treatment itself. This includes charges for egg collection, the transfer of the embryo, anesthetics, ultrasound scans and fertilization. Next we have the sperm injection (intracytoplasmic), which can count up to 28% to 40% of the cost of IVF. The fourth part of the cost of IVF we will consider is fertility drugs. This is rather tricky to integrate because in some situations it is about 20% of the total cost of IVF and in other cases it gets as high as 80% of the cost of IVF.

As the next aspect we consider freezing the embryo. While in some circumstances this is included in the standard cost of IVF discussed under aspect two, in other cases it can be 20% of the total cost of IVF. Obviously we should not disregard the regulatory fees which are about 4% to 5% of the cost. The last aspect is additional investigations. Specific treatments or genetic screening of the embryos can be between 50% to 120% of the cost of IVF.

 A few of the findings will be given in this article. The total overview is nevertheless overly large and can be found on our website.


Age of the woman

Under 35

Over 44

Average IVF success rate



Average no. of cycles required to pregnancy





$ 17,568

$ 650,000


$ 14,527

$ 537,500


$ 2,331

$ 86,250


$ 15,852

$ 586,508


$ 13,210

$ 488,783


$ 21,284

$ 787,500

South Africa

$ 10,135

$ 375,000


$ 25,338

$ 937,500


$ 33,784

$ 1,250,000


As you can notice the discrepancy per country is gigantic. But more considerable is the consequence of age on the success ratio and for that reasons the cost of IVF. Ensure to take this factor in account when you look at IVF and the cost of IVF.

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