IVF Transfer Success : Tips For IVF Implantation Success

As well as eating well and taking your supplements and any other medications recommended by your doctor, there are a number of tips for IVF implantation success which you can easily adopt.

One common misbelief is that you should go on strict bed rest for a number of days after implantation. Although this used to be recommended, no specific guidelines are usually given nowadays. However, one recent study indicated that it might be wise to remain resting for an hour or two after the embryo transfer but that it could be counterproductive to spend an entire day or longer lying in bed.

One of the best tips for IVF implantation success is to avoid stress. Stress can adversely affect conception and is a threat to a successful pregnancy by causing hormonal disruption and so you should consciously think about how you can find time for relaxation and if you are aware of everyday stressful situations, proactively manage them wherever possible.

One rather surprising tip is to eat pineapple. This delicious fruit contains an enzyme called bromelain which can help to break up the proteins which can prevent implantation as well as increasing blood flow to the uterus and reducing inflammation. The harder core contains the most bromelain but if you find this difficult to eat, consider grating or shredding it. The juicy flesh also contains beneficial levels. Eat a couple of portions a day starting the first day after the transfer.

Other tips for IVF implantation success relate to intercourse and bowel habits! Although many doctors believe that having intercourse following embryo transfer will not affect a pregnancy, an equal number believe that a “better safe than sorry” approach is best. Obviously, you will want to ask your doctor’s advice, but many will recommend abstaining from sex for a couple of weeks. With regard to your bowel habits, it is natural to be a little constipated after taking progesterone but try not to strain. Although it will not affect implantation, it could strain the muscles around the uterus. Try to manage this by drinking plenty of water and eating fiber-rich foods.

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