Learn About Some Possible Side Effects With Fertility Treatment

What You Need To Know About Fertility Treatment

Taking you through the procedure known as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), which involves the stimulation and removal of eggs from a woman’s ovaries. They are fertilized with sperm in a lab, and then the fertilized eggs or embryos are returned to the woman’s uterus or to a surrogate’s uterus in a process known as embryo transfer or ET.

Learn About Some Possible Side Effects With Fertility Treatment

Side effects are possible with most medical procedures and treatments,  including those designed to improve fertility or to overcome infertility. It’s  important that patients or couples understand the risks and potential  complications facing them when they pursue certain procedures so they may make  an informed decision whether to receive treatment or not. The consultation  period with a fertility specialist before receiving treatment is an essential  step in understanding one’s condition as well as the treatment and its possible  complications.

The side effects present with fertility  treatment depend largely on the type of procedure that is performed.  For instance, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most common and  well-known treatments available. The procedure may increase the chances of an  ectopic pregnancy, which is a condition in which the embryo implants in the  fallopian tubes instead of the uterus. Other forms of assisted reproductive  technology (ART) are used to help patients become pregnant, too. The Centers for  Disease Control (CDC) conducted a study that found that certain birth defects  are two to four times more likely in babies that are born using ART procedures.  The risk is still low, but it is important to discuss this possibility with the  fertility specialist before treatment.

Any fertility procedure or treatment in which multiple embryos or eggs are  produced may result in multiple pregnancies. To reduce this risk, many  specialists release only a select number of embryos to the uterus, although this  does not completely eliminate the risk of multiple births. Some countries even  encourage women or couples to transfer only one embryo per session, although  this reduces the chances of success for each treatment session. Fertility  medications may also increase this risk, as these medications are designed to  increase egg production.

Fertility medicines may have other side effects, too. Some women choose not  to take fertility medications, while others take them to increase their chances  of success by boosting egg production. Many who undergo IVF and other procedures  in which multiple eggs are extracted choose to first stimulate egg production by  taking fertility medication.

The problem is complex in terms of ovarian cancer by the fact that  infertility alone is linked with an elevated danger, a program director for the  NYU Fertility Center Jamie Grifo, MD. states, “If you diagnose infertile adult  women with the common population, they’ve an increased occurrence of ovarian  cancer, however not one that’s brought on by IVF”.

A considerable Danish report distributed through print media in 2009  discovered no connection between ovarian cancer and fertility drugs. And while a  Dutch report published in 2011 concluded that wasn’t a major disparity in  statistics of invasive ovarian cancers as women who had undergone IVF had a  slightly greater danger of “marginal ovarian tumors” (treatable growths which  are hardly ever lethal) in contrast with infertile adult women who didn’t bear  the treatment.

Laurie McKenzie, MD, director at Houston IVF claims that “IVF has been  utilized for roughly 35 years. “If there was a sizeable rise in ratios on  account of these treatments, we would have recognized it by now.”

Make sure you discuss all of the potential side effects and symptoms to watch  for with the specialist before undergoing any treatment or taking any fertility  drug.

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