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This year’s must-have pregnancy accessory
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If you are feeling bad this week, be good and take care of yourself

Mother’s Changes :
Your baby would have room to move about inside and you would be feeling the jabs and kicks, flops and flips. You can see the abdomen move at times. Your uterus comes about half of an inch above the little bulging belly button. If you are having some mood swings, don’t worry. Just take it easily and try to feel good over the whole thing. You might have problem sleeping as you get closer to the date of delivery. You might get heartburn, frequent urination, anxiety, and a general sense of discomfort. Your health and your baby’s would depend a lot on your getting rest. You can try a relaxing book, soothing music, baby’s health, herbal tea to soothe your muscles. You can try reading books and listen to pleasant music.

Baby’s Growth :
The baby would weigh almost over a pound now. The body gets proportioned and the bones of the ear begin to get hard. If you have a premature baby at this stage, there is a chance of survival with expert care but it is best if he stays inside for several weeks more.

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The baby’s body starts accumulating fat and the skin still hangs very loosely and the baby gets wrinkled appearance due to the sagging skin. You may get some more forceful movements now from the baby as he starts moving the muscles in the legs, arms, toes and fingers.

Father’s Role :
You have a role to boost up her spirits which is sometimes too low.

You can make her feel you really care by offering to do the laundry or bringing home ready made food.

The week’s Inspiration :
Pregnancy is a blessing. It comes to most of the woman and makes her feel great with the boon of motherhood. So if you are feeling low because of your looks or because you are not fit as you need to be, take it sportingly and try to feel positive for today. You can read books on positive thoughts and stories based on positive feelings. It would soon make you feel good about yourself and that is the best part of the story.

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