Stretch Marks after Pregnancy ? The Most Feared Changes during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is wonderful event for the couple but stretch marks after pregnancy may really change the story for the moms-to-be. They are so hated and feared by most women.

Based on many fact, most pregnant women would experience stretch marks. They generally appear with reddish or sometimes purplish  around area such as stomach ,buttocks, breasts, hips, and even arms.

For women who have light skin, These marks usually have a tendency to be pinkish. While in dark skin, they would seem lighter. Either way, they are clearly visible and make less confident for most women.

These ugly marks are formed due to the separation of collagen inside the skin. Although painless, they can occasionally cause itching. Additionaly, the stretching  of the skin might result in a tingling sensation. Although we can cope with the itchiness and tingling with a good lotion usage, but we are not able to stop the occurrence of stretch marks after pregnancy. They will still appear no matter how much lotion you will use to prevent them

Here are some factors that more likely trigger the occurrence of these marks:

1.Drastic weight gain. When you are pregnant your appetite will go up, it’s normal. But if you are out of control, your body weight will increase drastically and this will trigger the occurance of these marks.

2.Skin hydration. If the moisture level of your skin is good, your skin will be healthy and elastic. It makes sense, your skin can easier to stretch so that it will be able to avoid the occurrence of these marks.

3.Heredity. If you come from the descendants of people who have stretch marks, then more likely you would also experience these marks.

Stretch marks after pregnancy is something that is feared by most women. But by taking into account the above factors, at least you can minimize the impact of these marks. Remember! prevention is the best rather than any treatment.

Stretch Marks after Pregnancy may be really feared by most women, but no worry you could beat them through proper Stretch Mark Therapy, Visit and find information and tips on how to get rid of them

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